Want to attend APC12 but have no PDC or similar?



If people would like to attend the APC12 but feel they don’t have the backround in permaculture, the organisers have provided this preliminary course for you…

2 day course: 8th and 9th March 2015 prior to APC12

30 King Edward St, Penguin, Tasmania

Permaculture is an ethical system for designing sustainable, healthy and self-reliant communities that will flourish long past peak oil and financial crisis.  Permaculture was developed here in Tasmania and has been called one of Australia’s greatest intellectual exports. Discover the principles of Permaculture yourself during this 2-day course. A participatory mix of theoretical sessions, group exercises and practical demonstrations will introduce you to various design principles and techniques that you can apply to any environment, rural or urban, to help you lead a more sustainable, enjoyable, responsible and healthy lifestyle.

The course will be facilitated by experienced local permaculture practitioners Nick Towle and Caroline Smith.

Cost: $125 or equivalent in CENTS/other local currencies.

Includes morning/afternoon tea and
comprehensive notes via your USB

Enquiries and Bookings:

Further details from Caroline Smith:
smith.caroline81@gmail.com 0438090464