Gallinulla studio – post permaculture convergence working party

Gallinulla is 40 acres of agricultural land, which is in the process of transformation into a bird haven, restored remnant rainforest, budding food forest, pademelon breeding ground, swamp forest, and

Food garden – which has been guided by the loving and dedicated hands of Richard and Carolyn Donaghey.

kim-cob1From April 2014 another phase of Gallinulla saw its first inception – with the gathering of 30 + like minded souls to help build a strawbale, cob, and timber frame studio with the aim for it to be a residency for artists/people with ecological interests, and a retreat studio for myself.

The structure has been built and the first layer of render has begun.

We are looking for 6-8 dedicated humans (as a maximum per day) to help begin building the earth floor for the building. It involves making/stomping cob and kim-cob2layering onto the gravel ground. There also will be scope in learning some basicearth straw rendering, lime rendering, and to provide a general overview of how the building arrived at its current stage.

We are providing meals and tent accommodation in a wwoofing type arrangement.

Please email kim @ or call 0402775794 for any questions and dates you would wish to participate.

We are looking ideally for people to stay a minimum of 2 days, from the 13th of March onwards, continuing for 7 to 12 days depending on the response and the numbers of people.