A glimpse of what’s happening at APC12…

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image18379393Here’s just a small selection of some of the many exciting presenters coming to the Convergence in March.

This is in NO way a final program and new people are being added every day.

If you would still like to submit your proposal for consideration, please do so by the 31st January. We will begin developing the full program and timetable from February 1st.

Hannah Moloney & Anton Vikstrom, Tas

The power of making good shit happen: Radical homemaking, community development and digging holes

Hannah and Anton from Good Life Permaculture are part of the younger generation of permies doing amazing work. They will talk about the importance of people DOING positive things (inside and outside of their homes). To answer the question “What are the critical future global and local challenges we are facing and how can permaculture provide solutions?” Hannah and Anton answer: “through doing good stuff, that’s how see it!”

April Sampson-Kelly, NSW

How art succeeds in interpreting permaculture ideas

April will be exploring a wide range of art forms: Realism, Semi-Fictional and Fictional forms and how they can be applied to better inform permaculture design and practice. Innovative and inspiring.

Russ Grayson & Fiona Campbell, NSW

The Anthropocene: what role can permaculture play?

This is one of several presentations considering the ‘Big Picture’ of the place of permaculture in the world. The Anthropocene – the Age of Humanity – recognises humanity’s dominating influence on all earth systems. This is something we have to accept, so the question becomes: “what role can and should permaculture play and how”? Russ and Fiona will consider the history and possible futures for the permaculture movement and the challenges it faces in these critical times.

Robin Clayfield, Qld

The ever-popular Robin will treat us to two presentations. The first is

Social design and the culturing of permaculture

Robin will engage the whole group on the first morning through processes for gently ‘breaking the ice’, discovering patterns and history within the movement, bonding of all sectors of permaculture, honouring of our Elders, using our permaculture principles to embellish and improve our ‘social design’ for our home regions, groups and time together at the Convergence. This is designed to bring alive the ‘culture’ in permaculture and inspire ongoing connections and inspiration for the rest of the Convergence.

Secondly, Robin will present on

Expanding the edge of teaching permaculture creatively

This presentation aims to support the continued up-skilling of permaculture teachers in a way that reflects the principles of permaculture.

Robin will also facilitate the traditional jumping activity to close the Convergence.

Gary Burke, WA

A synergistic match: Permaculture and sustainability-informed economics, accounting and policy

Gary’s presentation will be one of a number relating to the need to reframe economics and finance. As Gary puts it, “It would be a great chance to spiral beyond the conceptual cage of contemporary economics and accounting”

Bruce French, Tas

Maintaining and using diversity for sustainable food crop production

Bruce has done remarkable work in creating the Food Plants International database, which currently has over 26,800 edible plant species and is the largest in the world. Bruce will discuss the importance of the value of using locally adapted plants that are grown in a sustainable fashion with sound agro-ecological principles.

John Champagne, NSW

Permafund – it’s about fair share

John will talk about the Permafund, a charitable trust under Permaculture Australia. The trust gathers funds which are distributed to worthy permaculture projects both in Australia and overseas by the Permafund Committee.

Other presenters focusing on overseas applications of permaculture are Terry Leahy (NSW) who will show his film on permaculture in Zimbabwe, and John McKenzie (Vic) on Sri Lanka.

Guy Stewart, Qld

From Learning to Livelihood

Guy will present his journey from being a student at Djanbung to permaculture project work for grant funds, to achieving now full time stable, ethical employment creating ethical work opportunities to sustain ourselves, our communities and the permaculture movement. Inspiration for us all.

Open Spaces

The program will include Open Spaces – times for people to gather for in-depth discussions on:

  • Permaculture Australia
  • Permaculture education and APT
  • Leadership in permaculture
  • APC13