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APC12 Timetable Summary

IMPORTANT: The times listed are NOT final. This should be used as a rough guide only and must not be considered the final times for sessions. It is a base and guide only for setting what will become the final timetable. Do not be surprised if times change…


9am – 10:30: Plenary – D Holmgren

11am – 12:30: Plenary – R Clayfield

1:30pm-3:30: Multiple optional sessions

4pm – 5pm: Multiple optional sessions


9am – 10:30: Plenary – N Foss

11am – 12:30: Multiple optional sessions

1:30pm-3:30: Multiple optional sessions

4pm – 5pm: Multiple optional sessions


9am – 10:30: Plenary – S Hill

11am – 12:30: Multiple optional sessions

1:30pm-3:30: Wrap-up & farewell

4pm – 5pm: Finish


Here It Is: The line up for APC12

What an amazing line up we have for you at APC12! Over three incredible days we’ll gather to reflect, discuss, debate and perform as we ponder the role of Permaculture in this most critical time of Earth’s history. That very special Elder, Bob Brown, will be our guest of Honour at the welcoming dinner. We’ll hear our Permaculture Elders sharing their wisdom and insights with us, as well as a new generation of permies – and everyone in between. We’ll be challenged by Big Picture ideas about where we’ve come from and where we’re going. With topics from global to local, there’s something for everyone.

Some of these titles are working titles and may change. The timetable and further information on post-convergence site visits will be available soon. There will be places in the timetable for other Open Spaces, spontaneous gatherings or repeat presentations.

We are expecting more than 150 participants from all over Australasia. If you haven’t yet registered, you have till February 15th. It’s APC12 – the 12th Australasian Permaculture Convergence, in beautiful North West Tasmania in March. Why would you want to be anywhere else?

Name Presentation title
Guest of Honour,
Welcoming dinner
Bob Brown
Keynote addresses
Day 1
David Holmgren
Permaculture activism in the Brown Tech future.
Day 2
Nicole Foss
Economics, finance and permaculture – the Big Picture
Day 3
Stu Hill
Permaculture’s achievements and challenges: A summing up
Panel discussion
Andy Goldring (CEO of Permaculture UK), Ian Lillington, Robin Clayfield, Ben Habib, Gillian Kozicki & Ed Walta Via Skype after the welcoming dinnerPermaculture’s Next Big Step project – Networking permaculture globally.
Allen, Peter Professional permaculture: Obtaining a tangible yield
Brookes, Tania Community exchange systems: Exploring trading without money in complementary currencies
Brunskill, Sue Accredited Permaculture Training (APT) at NSW TAFE
Burke, Gary A synergistic match: Permaculture with sustainability-informed economics, accounting and policy
Champagne, John Permafund – it’s about Fair Share
Clayfield, Robin Social design and the culturing of permaculture
Clayfield, Robin Expanding the edge of teaching permaculture creatively
Cooper, Steve and Hannah Performance: Creatively applying the ethics and principles of permaculture
Copeman, Dick Permaculture bioregionalism: Linking city and country
Dahl, Karen Aquaponics in Australia will be part of our future.
Donaghey, Richard Biodiversity in permaculture systems
Durand, Miles A permaculture plant nursery
Durand, Miles Permaculture and Wwoofing – Wwoofers’ experiences
Fanton, Jude Diversified genetic materials in permaculture designs and systems by the Peasants of Pleasantville Suburb
Francis, Robyn The history and future of permaculture
French, Bruce Food security and crop diversity
Habib, Ben Permaculture’s Next Big Step: Networking permaculture globally
Kern, Tom & McGuigan, Nick Creatively applying permaculture ethics and design principles as part of the social permaculture curriculum
Kitchener, Theo

Experimenting with new initiatives for building a resilient solidarity economy in Melbourne

Kothe, Penny Land stewardship, growing food, setting up a self-sustaining property and the local consumer society
Krabbe, Robin The permaculture ethics and sustainable health and wellbeing
Lane, Jodie Growing your local community
Lavers, Kat Via SkypeTaking household composting to the mainstream: Permaculture design reflections from Food Know How
Lawton, Geoff & Elsetohy, Hassan The art of strategic planning for permaculture organisations
Ley, Tess My life of crime, consumerism and permaculture
Lillington, Ian & Zeh, Marita Permaculture food – the low grain diet
Lindstroem, Linnea Designing currencies
Lowe, Beck Research, permaculture and chickens: Reflections on experimentation, academia and the nature of permaculture
Margolis, Michele Setting up a seed library
Mars, Ross How to measure and use soil texture and permeability to determine greywater and wastewater irrigation sizing
McGough, Daniel The development of Ridgedale Permaculture in Sweden
McKenzie, John Working with 1000 households in rural Sri Lanka
Meyer, Greg Growing urban permaculture in Sydney’s West
Moloney, Hannah & Vikstrom, Anton The power of making good shit happen: radical homemaking, community development and digging holes
Morrow, Rowe Working on the edges: 30+ years of permaculture in challenging times and places
Murray, Sandy Local food act and local food economies
Nishanian, Sam Community governance
Oszvald, Tamas Designing the human garden
Palmer, Dan Critical self-reflection in permaculture: Identifying and addressing weak links & neglected fundamentals
Rainbow, Fern Permaculture & implementing change in the existing political system
Rhee, Con Permaculture & energy: Developing an informed relationship
Sampson-Kelly, April Art in permaculture
Seabrook, Wendy Practical design steps for building ecological functioning into edible landscapes in the Tropics
Stewart, Guy From learning to livelihood
Thorpe, Heather & Watts, Bridget Community, permaculture, food security and health
Turner, Dean Permi your school’s outdoor education
Watson, David 35 years of permaculture at Mill Post
Wells, Jason Foundation structures
Wyfen, Sheryl Permablitzing The Gong
Open Space Discussions
Clayfield, Robin, Lillington, Ian, Brunskill, Sue & Lowe, Beck Permaculture education – APT, PDC and more
Dean, Jo and Geoff Thoughts on sustainability and bicycles in Fiji
Margolis, Michele Mindfulness
McKenzie, John, Lillington, Ian & Lowe, Beck Permaculture Australia AGM
Seabrook, Wendy How can educators build a better understanding
and appreciation of permaculture as a design system?
Evening Films
Amy Browne introduces ‘A will for the woods’
Robin Clayfield introduces ‘Living in the future – Intentional communities in Australia’
Sheryl Wyfen introduces ‘Tender’
Holmgren, Oliver Bookstall
Mars, Ross Book launch
Mars, Ross Promotion of APC13 in WA
Rosenfeldt, Robyn PiP – Australian Permaculture Magazine launch

Bob Brown to attend welcoming dinner at APC12

stop pressWe can officially announce that Bob Brown will be guest of honour at the welcoming dinner for APC12. He will be giving a speech & sharing a short video.

If you had not planned to attend the welcoming dinner but wish to you have just under a week to register.



Post Convergence Site Visits and Tours

The following have agreed to host or conduct site visits after the convergence. This list is in now way exhaustive and further details will be listed as they become available including times, dates etc…

Click the headings to visit their Websites

Blue Penguin Wines
ourWines-410x370Blue Penguin Wines is a micro-boutique winery located in Penguin, Tasmania. We create small batches of hand-crafted, cool climate wines made from the highest-quality Tasmanian grapes. We chose our cheeky Blue Penguin logo to symbolize our commitment to follow our own lead as winemakers. Our mission is to make excellent, premium wines that are a little different from the norm.

Red Cow Dairies
Red Cow Dairies is a family operated business that is located in Tasmanians beautiful north west coast. Our herd is made up of 300 gentle natured Aussie Red Cows which have been in our family for over a decade. Bred for Australian conditions they thrive on our farm which is run with sustainable farmingred-cows practices. They produce high quality milk which allows us to make our beautiful artisan products…. At the pinnacle of the drought in northern Victoria, we made the life changing decision to pack up our suitcases and our Dairy herd and move to the beautiful, high-rainfall area of north-western Tasmania where we bought a 155-hectare farm at Oldina.

Tiger Hill Permaculture
Tiger Hill Permaculture is a 70 acre farm set amongst crown land and mixed forestry in Buckland, Tasmania (Australia)… Our vision is to create a working family farm and educational community to demonstrate self reliance and sustainability via permaculture design and holistic farming.

Cradle Coast Farmers Market
Cradle Coast Farmers’ Market fresh produce farmed, baked, bottled or dug from the ground. Every Sunday @The Wharf in Ulverstone, 8.30 to 12.30pm.

The Tarkine
tarkineThe Tarkine is one of the world’s great wild places. It is an expansive 447,000 hectare wilderness area of recognised World Heritage significance in the North-West corner of Tasmania, Australia’s island state. The Tarkine contains remarkable natural and cultural values, including one of the world’s most significant remaining tracts of temperate rainforest.

Produce to the People
My ancestry is full of cooks and farmers, artists and sailors. Much of my childhood was spent either in the veggie patch, or in the kitchen cooking from the garden spoils.  These early lessons have stayed with me through adulthood and with life lessons, an understanding of the vital role community has in all our lives, Produce to the People has been born.