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Keynote Speakers – Stuart B. Hill

stuart_hillProfessor Stuart B. Hill was appointed Foundation Chair of Social Ecology at the University of Western Sydney (Hawkesbury Campus) in 1996. Prior to that he had been at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada since 1969, where he had coordinated McGill’s zoology major, and established, in 1974, Ecological Agriculture Projects, Canada’s leading resource centre for sustainable agriculture.

He has published over 300 papers and reports, and in Canada was a member of over 30 regional, national and international boards and committees. He is currently on the editorial board of four refereed journals. He has successfully completed projects in the West Indies, French West Africa, Indonesia, The Philippines, and the Seychelles, as well as in Canada and Australia.

Dr. Hill is committed to working for change that improves environmental sustainability, community and personal wellbeing, and our psychosocial co-evolution. He is critical of the still-dominant tinkering responses to problems, as well as their endless measurement, and is a tireless campaigner for the proactive, fundamental redesign of our lifestyles, our institutional structures and processes, our managed ecosystems and our technologies.

His background in chemical engineering, ecology, soil biology, entomology, agriculture, psychotherapy, education, policy development and international development, and his experience of working with change, have enabled him to be an effective facilitator in complex situations that demand both collaboration across difference and a long-term co-evolutionary approach to situation improvement. As this is a focus of social ecology, he is currently in a euphoric state as a member of a dynamic learning and action community (of over 300 staff and students) with overlapping values and mutually supportive projects.


Keynote Speakers – Nicole Foss

We are excited to announce Nicole Foss as a Keynote speaker at the Australasian Permaculture Convergence.

NicoleFossNicole Foss is co-editor of The Automatic Earth, you may be familiar with her work under the name “Stoneleigh”. She has spent much time writing and interpreting the on-going credit crunch as the most important aspect of the current multi-faceted crisis. The site integrates finance, energy, environment, psychology, population and real politics in order to explain why we find ourselves in a state of crisis and what we can do about it. Prior to the establishment of The Automatic Earth, she was previously editor of The Oil Drum Canada, where she wrote on peak oil and finance.

Foss runs the Agri-Energy Producers’ Association of Ontario, where she has focused on farm-based biogas projects and grid connections for renewable energy. While living in the UK she was a Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, where she specialized in nuclear safety in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, and conducted research into electricity policy at the EU level.

Her academic qualifications include a BSc in biology from Carleton University in Canada (where she focused primarily on neuroscience and psychology), a post-graduate diploma in air and water pollution control, the common professional examination in law and an LLM in international law in development from the University of Warwick in the UK. She was granted the University Medal for the top science graduate in 1988 and the law school prize for the top law school graduate in 1997.

Join us in welcoming Nicole Foss as a Keynote speakers for APC12.


Calling for Presenters

pieces of the puzzleThe APC 12 organising committee invites all permies, young and old, experienced and just starting out, to share your knowledge, your passion, your experience, your stories, your creativity and your commitment to a better world through Permaculture. Presentations, workshops, activities, performance, posters, video, art work etc on all aspects of permaculture are welcome. To help guide your planning we are placing a strong focus on deepening our collective understanding and ability to work across the seven interconnected ‘petals’ (domains) of the Permaculture flower…

Please visit our Call For Presenters page for more information and contact details OR follow this link……/call-for-presenters/